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Personal Insurance

  •  AUTO  - We can find placement for any automobile to include classics and RV's

  • Home - All homes can be covered to include, condos, townhouses and mobile homes.

  • Dwellings - Dwelling coverage is provided up to $10 million for vacant and rental properties owned by individuals (No limit on Residential units). We can also cover homes near brush or the coast, seasonal homes, homes with prior losses, Co-ops, Apartments, Century old row-homes and custom built homes. Coverage is also provided for properties that are Bank owned, Estate owned, Real Estate owned and Bankruptcies are also eligible.

  • Flood - Flood coverage is available for homes in flood certified areas.

  • Personal articles - this coverage is provided for collections such as jewelry, fine Art, Antiques and more.

  • Personal Recreation - Coverage is provided for Motorcycles, Motorhomes, RV, Off-road vehicles, Watercraft and classic wooden boats.

  • Personal Umbrella - Excess coverage is provided for affluent individuals to cover Trust, Estates, Individuals, Personally owned LLC's, Primary locations, Vacation/Seasonal exposures, Rentals, Vacant land and course of construction.

  • Renters - coverage is provided for individuals renting  a home, apartment, condo, etc.

  • Watercraft - coverage is provided for Boats and Yachts.

  • Aircraft/Aviation - coverage provided for Corporate/Charter, Aircraft services, Airports & FBO's, Flight Training facilities, Aircraft & Avionics maintenance, Personal and light sport Aircraft. 

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"We'll go that extra mile, for our people."

Please review  the coverages we provide for personal insurance to see if we can assist you with your needs.

Personal Coverage

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