Independent Agent Appointment

We are currently accepting independent licensed Property & Casualty and Life agents. Interested agents must hold a current P&C and or Life license in one of the below state's. Our firm specialize in HOME -AUTO- BUSINESS - RV - COMMERCIAL AUTO & PROPERTY - REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES - GENERAL LIABILITY - TRUCKERS - BUILDERS RISK - LANDLORD - LIFE - ANNUITIES & more. Please complete the form below to become appointed with our firm and start selling A+ rated products while receiving commission on new business and renewals. This is a commission only appointment, serious agents only need apply.

Agents must be 18 or older with an active license in one or all lines of authorities and states below. This is the perfect opportunity for agents whom like to work alone and at their own pace while having access to several carriers and products unlike captive agents who are stuck with one carrier and has only 1 option for their customers.

  1. Property

  2. Casualty

  3. Life

  4. Sickness

  5. Health

  6. Georgia

  7. North Carolina

  8. South Carolina

  9. Michigan

  10. Florida

All Agents must past background check if selected. Please submit general info below to start the appointment process.  

*50/50 Split on New Business & Renewals commission.

*New leads provided every week.

AA - GA. NC. SC.                                                               MG - GA. 

   AR - FL. GA. MI, NC. SC.                                               LG - GA. SC. 

   TK -GA.                                                                             PM - GA.  

   WE -GA.                                                                               JW - GA.